Reviews of Tag heuer monaco V4 replica watches

There are many reviews of the Tag heuer monaco V4 watches,but i think all the reviews are not exactly talking detailed,here i will make a introduce about this watch from the history and from old models to new models.and at last,you will find some inter reviews of Tag heuer Monaco v4 replica watch with different grade.

About The Tag heuer monaco V4 watches and history

First Tag heuer Monaco V4 concept watch in 2004

The Tag heuer first Monaco V4 concept watch was launched on 2004,the watch was the world first utilized ultra-thin transmission belts in its movement. Called the V4.

5 years later in 2009,Label Heuer launched the Monaco V4 in Platinum, having a cost-reason for over CHF100,000- outlandish at that time considering this was greater than 10 x the price of the 2nd most costly watch within the TAG Heuer range and 5X greater than the limited edition Carrera Calibre 360.

Tag heuer Monaco V4 platinum

However the market responded positively, along with the watch selling well, TAG Heuer was encouraged not only to continue developing the Monaco V4, but additionally in trading in a variety of haute horlogerie watches.

The most nearly was 2004,To celebrate 10 years of Monaco V4 watch,TAG Heuer has today launched the 2014 Monaco V4 Tourbillon- the very first tourbillon driven by micro-devices, consistent with the standard belt-driven idea of the V4.

Tag Heuer eventually found the solutions to any or all these problems and goodies them very confidentially. What’s clearly visible though with the azure back and front from the V4 Tourbillon’s titanium situation is the fact that these transmission devices, his or her name suggests, function as the automobile that transfers drive in one wheel to a different, and therefore and to the pinion from the tourbillon.

TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon
Tag Heuer hasn’t only produced what seems to become most refined Monaco V4 so far, but the first belt-driven tourbillon. With this, the V4 strikes its third time to be positively surprising: following the bold idea behind the idea watch of 2004, then it’s commercialization in ’09, and today the rather unorthodox method of something as traditional so that as iterative because the single-axis tourbillon. Thinking about Tag Heuer’s developments regarding its high-tech chronograph actions I question if-in other words when-maybe there is a belt-driven chronograph… But for now, the V4 Tourbillon is here now to keep this microscopic realm of belt-driven fine mechanics. The Monaco V4 Tourbillon¬† listed around $170,000.

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TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon Watch

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